Welcome To Brad's Net Inc.

What a wonderful and rewarding experience this company has
been to all of us. When we decided to first start Brad’s Net,
many users were paying by the hour for AOL. Nine years ago we
felt that this was not the future of the Internet and decided to
open our own vision with Brad’s Friendly Net, one of the nations
first unlimited access ISP’s.

Along the road Brad’s Net turned into more then just a company,
it would become a labor of love. Through these last nine years
we have experienced something unheard of in the internet
business, customer loyalty. It was everything we had always
hoped for and yet so much more. We can not thank you enough
for the last nine years.

Now its time for us and our customers to take the next step;
Brad’s Net Inc. is becoming SPII net. Expect big things from this
very forward thinking company. Welcome to the future.


Welcome to the Brad’s Net Inc. Web site. Brad’s Net offers a variety of services to fit not only individual but also business needs. For over nine years we have offered Internet Access that is not only affordable but extremely reliable.  Recently we have added local internet in over 50 states. Click Here to search for Access Numbers.

For the past nine years we have been providing quality services if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us by phone 724-643-5252 or by Email.

Members who would like to use our acceleration program may download it at http://www.spii.net/Propel/propel.htm

Our Mailing address is:

P.O. Box 1201  East Liverpool, OH 43920


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